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First Step Organization (FSO) is an independent, non-political, and not for a profitable organization established in 2011 by a group of highly professional and dynamic sociologists and social workers to respond current needs of Pakistani people in order to sustain and strengthen and promote human rights culture, peacebuilding, and good governance initiatives and tackle the humanitarian crisis in south Punjab.

FSO is registered Under September 01, 2013 Society Act, XXI of 1860 (62) and The Punjab Charities Commission Act 2018 since its commencement organization is engaged in different community development initiatives with the support and coordination of civil society organizations and Government institutions.

About Company

Our Vision Mission

Our Vision is a passive society where people having prosperity, dignity, and fundamental rights on an equality basis.

Our Mission is to empower and transform the lives of destitute individuals and underprivileged communities through collective and focused efforts by using the best possible techniques and resources.

About Company

Our Objectives

  • To provide health & education facilities to the rural & marginalized communities.
  • Empowerment of marginalized sections of society especially women socially, economically, and politically.
  • Policy Advocacy and Lobbying on Human Rights Issues, to promote peace, Social & religious harmony.
  • To strive for poverty alleviation by facilitating youth and women for learning and self-employment skills.

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Our Skills

We specialize in different types of Skills. Here are our core competencies. Take a look at our Operational Stategies.

Mobilization & Organization of Marginalized Communities


Capacity Building


Sensitization and Awareness Raising


Conducting Grassroots Level Research


Advocacy, Lobbying and Networking


Provision of Essential Services


Linkages Development & Information Dissemination


Where We Work

Districts of South Punjab, focused working districts are Multan, Muzaffargarh, Layyah, Bahawalpur, Lodhran, and D.G.Khan


Our Sources of Funding

FSO believes in volunteerism however for smooth operations and community welfare tasks, FSO has established Fund Raising Unit. The organization is generating resources & funds from below mentioned sources:


01 - Members Donations


02 - Community Donations


03 - Grants from National and International Donors


04 - Support from Government Institutions

About Company

Primary Stakeholders

  • Disable persons
  • Health and Hygiene for School children and community
  • Women (especially those victims of poverty and injustice)
  • Youth and Marginalized Communities
  • Religious and Ethnic Minorities
  • Government Departments
  • Marginalized communities

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Secondary Stakeholders

  • Local networks, advocacy groups, and coalitions
  • Training and research institutions at the Punjab level
  • Poor and especially those living on and below the poverty line
  • Community groups
  • Political and social activists, local community networks
  • Development professionals, literary groups, labor organizations, farmers, and workers’ groups